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some thoughts about the series.

So I just finished reading Rapture of the Deep, and rather than submitting my friends, of whom only one is as enthusiastic about Jacky as I am, to some of the thoughts that arose while reading, I'm posting here. No spoilers, though, I promise, since these are things I was thinking about when rereading Mississippi Jack and My Bonny Light Horseman a couple weeks ago.

Before I begin, though, lemme say that Rapture was pretty great. I didn't read the synopsis or anything like that before opening to the first page, so all I had to go on was the cover design, title, and the bits that closed Horseman. I pre-ordered the thing in January or February of this year, whenever I first noticed it had shown up on Amazon, even before the cover and synopsis were up :P

Okay, so.

1. I love the way Meyer jumbles actual history into the stories. We have the Napoleonic wars going on, so we have a specific place in history for everything to take place, but other than that, we, as readers, aren't intended to read the books as actual history books. They're fantasy-history, jumbling things up because it makes for a better story, or is funnier that way, or whatever. I don't mind that, even though sometimes my brain is going "uhm, wait a sec, that wasn't available in X-place until Y-years later" you know? And in reality, there's very little chance that a girl like Jacky could do all the things she does. Maybe a couple of things, but not all of it.

BUT. It drives me crazy that the clothing descriptions are sometimes anachronistic like whoa. It's like, there's such care put into making sure the ships and weapons are accurate for the time period, and then he turns around and describes a garment that is five years too early or fifteen years too late. I feel like it shouldn't bother me, because it's another example of jumbled history, but it's so detailed sometimes that I wish Meyer had given only general descriptions instead of specifics.

And underwear - geez, if I'm remembering my fashion history right, drawers weren't worn for five, ten years after Jacky gets her first pair. And even then, they were slit down the middle so you just spread your legs, pulled the fabric aside, and did your business. No pulling them down to bare your bum. Also, they were for the rich and fashionable, because they became popular due to the Regency style of dress. Every time Jacky's drawers are mentioned, I get thrown out of the story, because my brain goes "no, wait..." (Likewise, why does she never mention her stays? I'm pretty sure that Higgins wouldn't let her avoid those if he's making her dress properly. And she'd have to have had a bum-roll for some of her high-fashion dresses, the way she describes herself as skinny.) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underwear#History and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1795-1820_in_fashion#Undergarments but my information comes from other sites and research posted to ag_over_18)

On the other hand, as much as this bothers me, I feel like maybe these things are included as a nod to modern sensibilities, the way the language used is a modern interpretation of how people spoke (with modern idioms and the like), and certain ways of doing things are ignored, or mentioned only to establish the setting or show how Progressive Jacky is.

So, uhm, does this kind of thing bother anyone else the way it does me? It doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the stories to read, for example, about ballet practices which seem to be pulled from the 1850s rather than the 1800s, but that kind of thing does disrupt my suspension of disbelief.

Also, there is something that is described in detail at the beginning of Rapture of the Deep which I could swear is completely anachronistic: the things described were invented with Queen Victoria, practically, and she didn't reign until the 1840s. (There was something else that I was convinced was ten years out of date, then I googled it and realized I had misremembered the date of the act as 1813 instead of 1753 for some reason? Likewise, there was another throwaway line that referred to something I was remembering as 1809 instead of 1801 -.- And I'm terribly sorry if anyone doesn't want spoiling but knows what act from 1753 I'm talking about, but, ha ha, just knowing that that particular act from 1753 is involved won't tell you how it comes up, or with whom it has any importance.)

2. I love that the series has certain things that always happen: Jacky always gets captured by an enemy and manages to escape. Higgins always clucks his tongue and scolds her for her improprieties, but dotes on her anyway. Jacky always meets someone who gives her a bit of an education in the ways of life. Amy always manages to write a totally indecent novel about Jacky's adventures that sells really well. Jacky and Jaimy get to see each other for a very brief moment before being forced apart. The moment those two get married, you know the series will end.

But, dangit, I don't like Jaimy. Don't get me wrong, I think he's great and a good character and I love the tension that arises because him and Jacky are trying to get together but can't seem to quite manage it. But I hate how Jacky acts whenever she's with him, especially in the last few books. It's like her character totally changes and she submits and gets all lovey-dovey and it just doesn't feel right. She acts completely differently around Joseph Jared and Richard Allen and Randall Trevelyne and Jean-Paul whatshisface, even though until recently, she's gone farther with any of them than with Jaimy (holy crap, she did have non-penetrative sex with Jean-Paul that night before the battle, right? it wasn't just me reading between the lines?), and she admits that she'd let herself be in love with them (especially Joseph or Richard) if she didn't have Jaimy. So why does she have to get all mousey and flustered with him?

I feel like she's clinging to her first boyfriend because they haven't really been able to spend any kind of quality time together, and so they've elevated each other in their mind's. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this right? But they were eleven and thirteen when they first met and now they're sixteen and eighteen (though, to be honest, it feels to me like Jacky's eighteen and he's twenty, and it's really weird when I'm reminded that she's only sixteen - I seem to have mentally put her on the Dolphin and at Lawson Peabody the first time longer than she was actually there), and I'm not sure that I can really get behind them having an endless, true love. But, like I said, I don't mind the fact that Jaimy's something of a plot device, and his actual character is pretty awesome, I just can't stand him because of how Jacky acts around him, and he doesn't seem to really appreciate her true nature, the way some of the other guys do - though that's possibly simply because they've spent more time with her than he has.

Am I making sense here? Does anyone agree with me? This isn't a 'shipping thing (though, I guess in some ways, it is a "ship" thing har de har har), and I'm really trying to make that clear, because it's about how I dislike Jaimy's role and I dislike the way Jacky acts around him, and it's frustrating to have the main character's personality change like that. I almost wish that those two never got to spend any time together, and that Jaimy was always just on the other side of the horizon, you know? But it'd be less character and more plot device that way, unfortunately. (Well, he's a plot device anyway, but you know what I mean. I hope.)

Rapture of the Deep

Rapture of the Deep: Photo #1

Look what came in the mail! Isn't it a happy, exciting little box? Let's see what's inside! PS: click to embiggen all photos by following a link to Flickr.

Rapture of the Deep: Photo #2

Why, it's the seventh Bloody Jack novel, Rapture of the Deep! What a cute book it is! I am so happy to have it, look at me grinning right there.

Rapture of the Deep: Photo #3

Here we are introducing Rapture of the Deep to it's six siblings. Aren't they polite?

Rapture of the Deep: Photo #4

And here's Rapture of the Deep getting settled into its new home. Such a pretty group of books, all shiny black spines with red text and little cameo portraits of the heroine.

Bloody Jack book spines

Oh noes! Avert your eyes! The books have got all naked!!!

Actually, I didn't realize that the spines were different colors until I was putting Rapture of the Deep into its space on the shelf. I'd thought they were all that grey blue color of #3, #5, and #6. In the Belly of the Bloodhound really stands out for having copper foil instead of gold foil, while Bloody Jack stands out for being bright red. It's a fourth or fifth edition, I think, so that might be why it's red instead of a blue or green shade. I don't actually know? but I'm really curious about what the first edition looks like now (and I want one desperately).

Bloody Jack book cover comparison

Another cover comparison. Most of them have a slightly different texture to the primary color of the covers, too. Some are plain paper while others are more like a tightly woven cloth and some have specks like handmade papers. They all have the little anchor embossed and foiled on the front, too.

And then, here are some comparison photos of the dust jackets, because as I was putting them back on, I became intrigued by the variations. Again, I suspect that because my copies of Bloody Jack and Curse of the Blue Tattoo are NOT first editions (the second book is a third edition), some of the changes might be due to variations in the printings. I know, for example, that the bit of parchment design behind the series title on #2 is because it's not a first edition. All first editions lack that, as you can see on the others. (I noticed this while looking at cover images at LibraryThing.com.) I believe there are other small, similar changes for paperback cover designs.

Bloody Jack dustjacket comparison #1

Bloody Jack dustjacket comparison #2

Bloody Jack dustjacket comparison #3

I haven't started reading Rapture of the Deep just yet because part of the enjoyment of a new Bloody Jack novel lies in anticipation of its arrival, joy at finally having it in my hands, pleasure in being able to admire the cover and know that it's here and I get to read it, and so on. Prolonging reading it prolongs the total happy-making of the book. But I'll start reading it tomorrow, I think. Maybe. I'm too excited to read it, really!

Also, the cover image is so much more gorgeous in person. I was completely underwhelmed by it from the Amazon picture, but it has a lot more depth and detail in person, and doesn't look anything as stupid as I'd thought.

(cross-posted from my lj, because I thought members of this community might also be interested in the book cover/dustjacket comparisons. also, hello, I joined the comm just to post this?)


 We are all so very inactive, and it creates much sadness in my heart. So I am posting, and hoping that other people will comment and such so that we shall not be a deadish community.

So, firstly, it's been a while since My Bonny Light Horseman came out now, so I figure we can talk about it without fear of spoilers. If you still haven't read it (and if I can get my hands on it way down in New Zealand then you should all be able to as well) then don't read past here. What are all your opinions on Jean-Paul and the whole tent thing? That seems to have been the most controversial issue over at the boards. Does Jean-Paul's moustache reduce his level of hotness? And how delighted are you all at the return of Joseph Jared, and the likelihood that he'll turn up in Lorelei? I know I went back and re-read every page he was on.

Also, have you all seen the cover for the next book, Rapture of the Deep? It's up on Amazon with a short summary, page count etc. Any ideas for what might happen to Jacky on this next adventure?

I want responses people. Lots of them please.

Bloody Jack Fanmix

I was going through my music and found I actually had a Bloody Jack playlist that I'd totally forgotten about, so I went through and changed it a bit and thought I'd share. It's basically just songs that remind me of different parts of the first book, Bloody Jack, some of which I'm sure won't make sense to other people at all, haha. Also, it's a very Jacky/Jaimy-ish sort of mix as well. :)

Download link / cover art / explanation...Collapse )


New Affiliate!

We're now affiliated with the newly re-vamped Bloody Jack fanclub on deviantArt - BlackfriarsBridge.

Go check 'em out for lots of cool Bloody Jack fanart, or even join yourself! Thanks. :)

Lookit! Pictures!

This is a late (very late!) response to the challenge posted ages ago. I drew these two days after the chalenge was posted but the scanner is evil and will not scan things if the printer it is attached to is out of yellow ink. Anywho, here they are:

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A Question

So I have tried a couple of times to join the Bloody Jack boards to no avail. I registered once back in early July and waited for a while as it says in the rules to be patient and not to register twice so I left it for a month or so before emailing the admins. But I haven't heard back from them and it's been another month. Last week I tried to register again and nothing happened again and I am becoming confuzzled. I'm sure that other people are managing to join as it has had new members appearing on a regular basis.
So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong. Help?
So.... I made some Jacky fanart. Actually, its more like a work in progress but I thought I'd share it now anyways since I have no idea when I'll finish. Its Jacky from Under the Jolly Roger. Same outfit shown on the cover. I adore her in this outfit.

She smiled all in her countenance, 'They call me Jackaroe'Collapse )

Also. My friend found this guy singing this song. Its called Jackeroe! And its about a girl who sneaks onto a ship. Its not exactly like Jacky's life, but I think it fits pretty close at least. And its still interesting!

lyricsCollapse )

Relevant article?

Apparently there are some documented cases of real-life!Jackies out there (well, sort of), haha-

I read [this post] and immediately thought of her, at least in the first book. :D

Also, I have the NEW Jacky book on my shelf, but I'm torturing myself by not reading it until I've re-read the series so I'll remember what the heck's going on, ahah. I'm still on the first book in my re-read. ^w^


New Bloody Jack book out

Just a heads-up:  My Bonny Light Horseman is out in bookstores.  I picked it up at Borders today.

*prepares to spend tonight reading*

*hides from spoilers*