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All the titles so far

Apparently a lot of people like the images I took 2 years ago of the first 7 Bloody Jack books and the cover comparisons. So I took a new series of photos, all updated with 9. (I mean, really, I get a hit or two every day on those images at Flickr, from various places.)

Bloody Jack covers 1 - 9

It looks like the next title is going to be Viva Jacquelina!, perhaps? I haven't even read Golden Dragon yet, because it's my reward for improving my diet and getting into shape...which hasn't yet happened. (Seriously, I say to myself "I can read my new Jacky book while pedaling on the exercise bike!" and then I get two things done at once, but I am proving to be extremely lazy. Also, I keep throwing my back out and can't bike while it's messed up, even though the pedaling is supposed to help with that. Dumb.)

Here's a thickness comparison, and you can also see the colors of the interior covers/spines:

Bloody Jack series - Books 1 - 9

And, finally, the spines:

Bloody Jack series - Books 1 - 9 - Spines

You can see that with the last three books, Harcourt has changed some of the layout for the branding - the back covers now have thumbnails of all covers, instead of just blurbs. Probably to make you go OH IT'S A SERIES MUST READ MORE.

I can't figure out why on earth the spine for Lorelei Lee has the title so skinny. It's hard to read and doesn't fill the space like the others, such as Bloodhound or Horseman. Even Golden Dragon is suffering a bit...

Oh, well. I hope y'all find my photos useful or enlightening or whatever.


Feb. 28th, 2012 03:43 am (UTC)
That's really neat, thanks. Crazy how tiny the first one looks now. I still think it was the best out of all of them.