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Wake of the Lorelei Lee

So, I didn't notice a thread for this yet, but Lorelei Lee is out, and as my usual Bloody Jack routine, I read it all the day I got it in the mail.

So, what did everyone think?

(Here be spoilers. Ye be warned.)



Sep. 5th, 2010 03:54 am (UTC)
I cannot wait for the next book, because the prospect of Jaimy, Jacky, and Joseph having pirate hijinks in the South China seas sounds epic.

Can you imagine Davy and Tink back in Boston reading the headlines about how Jacky and Jaimy became pirates and both of them going "WHY DO THEY GET TO HAVE ALL THE FUN?!"

On another note, I nearly cried at Jacky getting her hair shaved off...AGAIN. Is that girl ever going to get to grow her hair out? Though having the Chinese pirate get a cameo was pretty cool, though.